School Site Manager


What site visitors see

Anyone may submit a calendar event by clicking on the Submit a Calendar Event link at the bottom of every page.  This makes it easy for students, PTA members or others without special privileges to create the information about an event of general interest.

Events will not be displayed on the calendar until they have been approved.

Submitting a calendar event

1.  Select an event category.

2.  Enter an event name

3.  Select the starting date.  Enter a starting time for the event if there is one (e.g., a football game starts at a scheduled time, Halloween does not).  If there is no starting time, leave the time set to 12:00 am.

4.  Select an ending date.

5.  Enter the location of the event if there is one.

6.  Enter your name, e-mail address and phone number.  The calendar administrator may need to get back to you with questions.

7.  Enter the details of your event.  Click Enter.  Depending upon the event category, you may be asked an additional question or two about the event.