School Site Manager


What site visitors see

Anyone can submit an announcement for approval.  When approved, the announcement headline will appear in rotation on the home page and the details will appear on the Announcements page.  The Announcement submitter will automatically be notified by e-mail when his or her announcement is approved.

Submitting an announcement

Click the Add an Announcement link at the bottom of any page to go to the Add Announcement page.

1.  Enter a headline for the announcement, which will appear in rotation on the home page.

2.  Enter the details for the announcement, if there are any.  Note that the details section allows for text formatting as well as the inclusion of links.  When entering links be sure to use fully specified addresses starting with http:// such as

3.  Set an activation date and expiration date for the announcement.  The announcement will not appear until the activation date and will disappear after the expiration date.

4.  Enter your name, e-mail address and phone number in case the Announcement Administrator needs to contact you.

5.  Click Submit for Approval.  You will be notified by e-mail when the announcement is approved.