School Site Manager


What site visitors see

Photos may be uploaded onto the site by anyone creating a photo gallery or profile.  They may also be uploaded for faculty bios, extracurriculars and other purposes.

File uploading is a four-step process that uploads the photo, resizes it to match design standards, adds indexing information, and rotates the photo for proper orientation.

Uploaded photos will not appear on the site, except to the individual who uploaded it, until approved. 

Uploading a photo

Photos can be uploaded in the process of another task such as building a photo gallery or a profile.  The uploading process is carried out through a pop-up window.

1.  Select the photo file on your computer to upload by clicking the Browse button.

2.  Enter a brief caption, date and credit for the photo.  Note that uploading a photo means you own the photo (typically meaning you took the picture) and are giving the school the right to display it.

3.  Enter your contact info. Click Submit to upload and resize the photo.

4.  Click on CCW (counter clockwise) or CW (clockwise) to rotate the photo if needed.

5.  Enter the names of people in the photo.  Do not enter full names of anyone under 21 years old.

6.  Select or enter keywords that describe this photo to make it easier to find in the photo library.