School Site Manager


What site visitors see

Site visitors can select photos from those already on the site when creating photo galleries.  They can search and browse through the site photo collection and see where each photo is used on the site.

Browsing, searching and selecting photos

1.  Browse through the site photo collection by clicking page numbers or the forward and back arrows.

2.  Search for photos by entering search criteria into the search form then clicking the Search button.  Dates must be entered in m/d/yyyy format.  Also remember that searching works only as well as the photos are indexed.  Remember to enter names and keywords when uploading photos to make them easier to find later.

3.  Each photo includes a link called Where is this photo used?  Click it to see if and where the corresponding photo is used.

4.  Click the Select link to select a photo for use in a photo gallery.  When a Select link is clicked, the Search Photos window will go away and the PhotoID of the selected photo will be inserted into the photo gallery form.