School Site Manager

Photo Galleries

What site visitors see

Anyone can create a photo gallery.  The author of a photo gallery can see it, but others cannot see photo galleries until they have been approved. 

Creating a photo gallery – step 2

1.  Enter the introductory text to your photo gallery.  This appears on the first page of the gallery overview.

2.  Select or upload photos.  After each photo is selected or uploaded, click the Save Changes button (4) for it to appear.  Add photo captions and narrative.  Change the order of photos by changing the numbers above each photo.  Remove photos from your gallery with the Delete link.

3.  You may choose to link the photo gallery to a course section, calendar event, extracurricular or faculty member.  This is not required.

4.  Click Save Changes.

5.  When finished, click Submit for Approval.  You will receive an e-mail when your gallery is approved.