School Site Manager

Course Sections

What site visitors see

Each course section can hold a wealth of information.  It is the first destination for parents to see the teacher’s description of the course.  It is also the central repository of course materials for students.

Course sections

Course section information can be extensive:

1. period and room,

2.  course calendar,

3.  links,

4.  files,

5.  course description,

6.  course requirements,

7.  syllabus,

8.  grading and policies,

9.  frequently asked questions and photo galleries.

There are two ways to display a syllabus.  One is as text as shown here in item 7.  The other is to tie the syllabus to the section calendar as we will see next.  Putting the syllabus in the calendar allows much more detail about daily lesson plans in a convenient form.