School Site Manager


What site visitors see

The Extracurriculars link leads to a page of extracurricular activities.  Each is linked to details about the extracurricular.

Viewing Extracurriculars

1.  Click on the name of an extracurricular activity for detailed information.

2.  Extracurricular pages can present a range of information.  Each can include a photo on the page as well as photo galleries.  Each extracurricular can also have FAQs, Links and Files.  Examples of files would include handouts, permission forms, slide presentations, etc.

3.  Extracurriculars can include the sponsors, team members and past awards.

4.  All current calendar events for the extracurricular are listed on the page.  If reports have been submitted on events, links to the reports are listed.  Reports can be submitted on an event’s detail page.